VIDEO: 70% Of Women Feel When Men ‘Go Down There’ It’s Sign Of Love – Actress Emelia Brobbey Shares Wild Notes On L*cking

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Sharing her thoughts and experience on l*cking, Ghanaian actress, Emelia Brobbey, has stated that 70% of women feel when a man ‘goes down there’ it’s a strong sign of love or affection.

Explaining further, the delectable Kumawood actress noted that a lot of men see going down on a woman as a taboo – due to personal hygiene issues.

“Some men frown against this tagging it as disgusting and would never ever go down there. So if a man is able to do so, it runs through the mind of the woman that this man truly loves me.” She said.

Emelia revealed this on “Duvet” show which airs on GH ONE TV.