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VIDEO/EXCLUSIVE PICTURES From Indian/Vedic Blessing Ceremony Of Arts/Entertainment Writer Osarfo Anthony – CHECK THEM OUT

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Arts and Entertainment Writer, Osarfo Anthony, had his Traditional and Vedic Blessing ceremony on 26th January and 27th January, 2018 respectively.


The traditional marriage, which per customs and beliefs, is an affair largely between the couple’s families and close associates, was on a low profile – but full of pageantry and paraded with rich African deco and costumes.

The 27th  day of January, 2018, at Kingsby hotel (Achimota), saw the grand ceremony – the Vedic Blessing rite, which follows the marriage form of the Hindu/Hare Krsna Movement or faith of the couple – Osarfo Anthony and his wife, Badu; who are duly initiated devotees.

The enchanting ceremony, which had Ghana’s Finest Broadcaster, Communication, Culture, Media, and Tourism polymath, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah aka KKD, as the MC, started with a prayer from His Grace Jnana Caktus Das, Communication Director for International Society for Krsna Consciousness/Hare Krsna Movement.


Followed by an open remarks from the Chairperson of the event, Mr. Kwaku Sintim Misa aka KSM, King of Satire in Ghana and Host of multiple award winning primetime TV show (The KSM Show); who confessed briefly that “this is my first time of experiencing a Hare Krsna wedding.”


The couple, in their dandified Indian/Vedic costumes, were ushered in

– after which the officiating Priest for the Yajna (fire sacrifice), His Grace Rasavan Prabhu, started performing the rituals;

His Grace Rasavan Prabhu speaking to the people about vedic blessing rite

— with the chanting of the Hare Krsna Mahamantra (and other mantras), cleansing (acamana), throwing of grains into the fire by the couple, and circumambulation of the fire after the rituals, and finally, paid obeisance to the Gurus and deities around.

KKD, The Master MC, added life and awe to the event by appealing to the conscience of the patrons, to spread money on the lotus feet’s of the couple even before they sat before the Kunda for the ritual to start. It was simply enthralling.

The ambience, was also lit up with melodic Hindu Bajans (hymns) from devotees of the Hindu Monastery of Africa (located in Odorkor, Accra) together with Devotees from the Hare Krsna Movement – and series of Gopi dance performances from kids at the Lord Krsna Academy at Medie, Accra.

The Vedic Blessing ceremony, saw a bevy of celebrities and dignitaries such as: Paramount Chief and Overlord of Nungua Traditional Area, also, the President of Nungua Traditional Council, His Royal Highness King (Prof) Nii Odaifio Welentsi iii, and a host of Queen mothers and subjects.



His Royal Highness King (Prof) Nii Odaifio Welentsi iii

Dr. Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana (aka Abeiku Santana, aka Mr. Tourism – CEO of Kaya Tours (Tourism, Hospitality, and Destination Promotion and Management company, CEO of Strategic Communication (Communication, Brand Positioning, Marketing Media/Events Consultancy Firm) and Broadcaster, OK FM – Despite Group of Companies) —

Abeiku, KSM, Vincent
Abeiku Santana, aka Mr. Tourism – first from left

Obaapa Adwoa Ankyaa, also known as Nanahemaa Adwoa Awindor, Development Queen mother of Afigya-Kwabre in Ashanti region, CEO of Premier Productions, and Host of ‘Greetings From Abroad.’

Nanahemaa Adwoa Awindor – first from left

Renowned actor, Vincent McCauley of ever-popular ‘Things We Do For Love’ series (now YOLO) —

KKD and actor Vincent McCauley

Mr. William Asiedu, Managing Editor, The Heritage newspaper and President of Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana, ATWAG), Mr. Francis Doku, Vice President of ATWAG, Mr. Kwasi Ernest, CEO of Media Excel, Mr. Mark Okraku Mantey, CEO of Slip Music and Programs Manager of Hitz FM (Multimedia Group of Companies), and other revered well-wishers from the media fraternity.

Patrons, were treated with sumptuous 100% vegetarian cuisines.

Osarfo Anthony is the CEO/Founding Editor of online entertainment portal, Presspeep.com, with over 10 years’ experience – having worked with respected media houses like Flex Newspaper, Razz Newspaper, 98 News, Exclusive Men’s Magazine, Ghanacelebrities.com, GHBase.com, and others.

Official VIDEO of the traditional and Vedic ceremony will be uploaded in subsequent publication. Stick and stay with us.

You may now feast your eyes on some exclusive shots from the Traditional and Vedic ceremony. Photo/picture credit — Lax-Defenz Filmz and Kennyville Experience.