VIDEO: Ghanaian Actress Who Once Practised Lesbianism Has A New Shocking Story To Tell Now

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Kumawood actress, real name, Cecilia Konamah, but popularly known as Abena Ghana, once disclosed to the shock of many that she had practised lesbianism before. published her revelation and had no rejoinder from her or any affiliate of her. The site’s story read (in part):

“Speaking on Hello FMs Entertainment show with Dave Hammer in Kumasi, the enchanting actress said she used to practice lesbianism but stopped three years ago – and that her husband is aware of her past sexual orientation.

“My husband is aware of that. Yes he knows that I was a lesbian and he is very comfortable with me in our marriage. He also said even if I had once stood on the streets as a hawker, he likes me as I am” she said.

Sharing how she got into the practice, she continued: “I was introduced into the act by some friends. If somebody thinks she wants to bring it out just to break my marriage, then let me tell the person that my husband is aware.”

It is believed she made those revelations to numb the evil hands of a blackmailer who wanted to use her ‘dark’ past to extort money from her. A year on, the same Abena Ghana has come out to say she lied about her se.xual orientation.

Speaking on ‘Time With Tracey Show’ over the weakened, host, Tracey Boakye, prod Abena to confirm her own words on Hello FM, that she once practised lesbian – of which Abena Ghana admitted to having made that revelation on the said radio station.

However, “It was all planned together with my management. We knew what we were doing” she said. In short, she now says she has never been a lesbian as she made the public believe. Though in her earlier words on Hello FM she mentioned of a husband and marriage, Abena Ghana now says she is not married and has never been married.

“I am married to Jesus. I’m married to God and it has helped me!” she claims. Presspeep’s checks on YouTube shows that the video interview in which she said she was once a lesbian, has been pulled down. “This video is unavailable” – YouTube tells us.

She also confessed that she actually came on the show to tackle that subject (lesbian practice) of her life – and that leaves discerning minds to ask if her new narrative is a damage control to correct whatever wrong her earlier comments have caused her brand or she should just be tagged a bloody liar in plain words.

Watch the interview below: