VIDEO: Ghanaian Comedians Cry Out “Stop Comparing Us To Nigerian Comedians And Support Us”

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Ghanaian comedians have called on the public to stop the unnecessary criticism of their talents and comparisons with Nigerians and support them to develop.

Comedians in Ghana have come under heavy attacks on social media over the assertion that they are not funny. Many critics have argued that Ghanaian comedians lack talent and pace to contend with their counterparts from Nigeria.

Others say they do not speak good English therefore their inability to express themselves well. Others have compared them to their Nigerian counterparts claiming that the Nigerians are much better than Ghanaians.

According to the GH comedians, it is unfair to be compared to Nigerians especially when most of the people that criticize them all the time do not take time to watch their shows but rather sit in the comfort of their homes and criticize them.

They advised Ghanaians to believe in their own and support them since the Nigerians are supported by their people. Watch the video below: