VIDEO: How A Ghanaian, Sam Okyere, Survived Racism In Korea And Now A Big Movie Star Plus Owns A Shop

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Ghanaian-born TV personality in South Korea, Sam Okyere, is making a name for himself in the Asian country’s entertainment world.

Sam Okyere

Thanks to his command over the Korean language, the Soeul-based entertainer can be seen rubbing shoulders with some of the most popular stars in Korea.

According to him, his initial plan was to study and gain admission to University of Ghana. But fate had a different agenda for him after he applied for a Korean Government Scholarship and gained admission after a year.

Sam Okyere said leaving his family back in Ghana to a land he had never been to turn out to be quite challenging.

He told ‘Asian Boss’ in an interview that he and his friends were faced with racial discrimination but he got over it through love. Okyere said the reason he gained popularity in Korea was because the indigenes thought he was the doppelganger of famous Hollywood actor, Will Smith.

Sam Okyere

“When I came to Korea, the first thing people told me was you look like Will Smith.” He described an incident where a lady he met at a shop approached him for a photo because she thought he was Will Smith.

Sam’s career took off after he appeared on the show ‘Hello Counselor’ where he and his friend voiced out over their racism experiences. He speaks impeccable Korean too!

After, he’s been featured in quite a number of shows including Korea’s SNL. He has also acted in Korean Dramas and a movie.

Sam Okyere

Watch the video below and get to know more about his experiences in Korea.