Video: Internationally Acclaimed Magician, Vancujovi, Reveals That Most Pastors Of Today Are Magicians – Pretending To Be Anointed By God

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Christopher Voncujovi, an internationally acclaimed magician with 40 years of experience, has disclosed that Ghanaians are too ignorant into believing that most of the men of God are actually using powers from God – because, they are nothing but disguised magicians.
Voncujovi was the main magician who headlined the 2nd edition of MMC Live concert held at the Alliance Francaise on Saturday 18th February 2017.

Voncujovi said in an interview after an impressive performance at the MMC Live that the ignorance of Ghanaians have made them take an entrenched position when it comes to magic – making them misinterpret stage magic which is solely for entertainment purposes and Temple magic which has deeper spirituality.

According to the magician, stage magic is a beautiful art that is learned and uses illusion to make possibilities impossible and vice versa.

Listen to the magician Voncujovi below: