Video: KSM Subtly Dodges Question – “Have You Patronized Prostitutes Before?”– WATCH The Hilarious Tension On His Face

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KSM’s new show, “BO Me Nkomo” is quickly gathering momentum online as a show to watch.


Those who are not able to access it online are eagerly awaiting what TV station they can catch it on. Clearly, it would be one of the most watched programs if it ever crossed to the Television screen.

The show is driven by KSM’s personality, and the strength of his personality is his ability to get his guests to relax and open up. This week, the show hosts celebrity lawyer, Dr. Maurice Ampaw.

Lawyer Ampaw, among many other astonishing surprises, spilled the beans on his involvement in the latest saga between Afia Schwarzenegger and her estranged husband – plus explained the position of the law and possible verdicts usually passed by judges on marital issues in court.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw
Lawyer Ampaw

Putting KSM on the spot, Lawyer Ampaw turns into a host, and throws a cracker bonbon question at KSM – asked if the latter has patronized prostitutes before. Cracked up, KSM, in a slaphappy tone, retorts, “I’ve not done so before.”

WATCH “BO Me Nkomo” this and every Saturday only on YouTube at 5 PM.

WATCH Maurice Ampaw on “BO Me Nkomo”