VIDEO: Meet The Man Who Developed The Risky-Fun Canopy Walkway @ Kakum National Park

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Kakum National Park, one of UNESCO’S world heritage sites, is a 330 meters, 7 bridge canopy walkway that houses many attractions – including a bridge house that enables visitors to stay overnight.

2017, marked the 20th year the walkway has been in existence and is considered one of the major intriguing tourist attractions, successfully managed and maintained, and has put Ghana on the world map in terms of tourism.

Located in the coastal environs of Central region of Ghana, the park was established in 1931 as a reserve. The uniqueness of this park lies in the fact that it was established at the initiative of the local people and not by the State Department of wildlife who are responsible for wildlife preservation in Ghana.

It is one of only 3 locations in Africa with a canopy walkway and connects seven tree tops which provides access to the forest. The most notable endangered species of fauna in the park are; Diana monkey, giant bongo antelope, yellow-backed duiker, and African elephants.

But today we ask you – do you know the brain behind it? The nationality of the fellow? You have always thought it was developed by whites or foreigners, right?

Well, the grass is also greener at our pasture. The famous canopy walkway at Kakum National Park, was developed by a Ghanaian. We bring you up-close with the man who developed that ‘risky-fun’ walkway some walk on on excursions for adventure, fun, or test their fear-factor.