VIDEO: Music Legend Rex Omar Reveals Portions Of The Bible Which Have Been Removed

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Highlife legend, Rex Omar has revealed that portions of the Holy Bible have been expunged and questions why so.

According to Rex Omar, there are a lot of unanswered questions that beg for answers when it comes to Christianity – including why the first 18 years of Jesus Christ’s life was not documented in the Bible.

Expanding his thoughts along same line of argument, he questioned why some portions of the Bible, were removed.

“Everybody knows that the Bible is so many books, but the very book we call Bible we have now is 66 books” he said; and further claimed some humans “took away some of the books. Who gave them the authority to take away those books? It means some people decided to take some of the books away, and decided to keep some.”

Rex, who calls himself a Christian Yogi, disclosed that Thomas and Mary Magdalene and others, wrote books which were originally in the Bible but are not in the current Bible many are using. “Thomas, wrote a book, Mary Magdalene, had her book, and others. Who gave them the authority to take away those books, decided by human beings.”

He also shared intriguing stories about his music career, family, personality, and social life.