VIDEO: Read About The New TV Series By KNUST Students About To Take Over – Its Titled “NO LIE” – WATCH NOW!

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Foreign TV series and sequels have flooded most Ghanaian TV screens – something some art critics and a section of the public at large, have condemned, because, it’s killing local productions.


Whilst we all look forward to a panacea, the journey of discovery has led us to a brilliant series produced by Video Ghana in partnership with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology KNUST. It’s titled ‘NO LIE.’

Presspeep.com has not yet had any contact with the team behind the production but actually had an alert from Editor of GHBase.com, Chris Handler, to check the series out on YouTube.

After watching some 2 episodes, we are convinced ‘NO LIE’ is a master’s masterpiece that requires attention, support, and laudation. Camera shots have precision, acting is splendid, and sound is well projected.

We are not too sure of the storyline but from what the Presspeep.com team watched in our office, it’s obvious ‘NO LIE’ is about love, relationship, sex, campus life, and how these 4 ,weave into deceit, secrets, and lies about life. It’s intriguing! It’s a must watch.


For now, it appears the series is not yet on TV channels – so one can monitor the story on YouTube. If you happen to read this publication and knows the team – Video Ghana and or KNUST, you may ask them to get in touch with the Editor of Presspeep.com for free publicity. Until then, we wish them well.

Watch one of the episodes of ‘NO LIE’ BELOW: