VIDEO: See The Monumental Electrical Shop Veteran Hiplife Musician C-Zar Quits Music To Run Full Time

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Veteran Hiplife musician best known for his hit song ‘Araba Lawson’ C-Zar, has finally quit doing music as an artiste – and now expanding one of his electrical businesses he has been running when he went into hiatus from the music industry.

“I have quit music for good, I don’t want to die poor. Sincerely, show business doesn’t pay in our part of the world. See how all the veterans die as if they have never been in the limelight.

“I don’t even want to see myself in such a condition in future where my family has to appeal for funds to take care of me should I fall sick. It is for this reason that I have decided to say goodbye to this trade which only gives you fame and attention but doesn’t pay so well”  he said of his decision to quit doing music.

The ace rapper on May 26 launched his new firm, Lucky Electrical Shop at Adenta where he revealed that there is not much monetary gains in doing music in Ghana.

According to him, he has been juggling between music and selling of electrical materials for years but finally agreed to put music aside and focus mainly on the company because he wanted to “reach higher heights” since “music cannot feed me”.

The rapper made it clear at the ceremony that the electricals sale business yields more money than music so he sees no reason in wasting time in rapping to entertain his fans without making enough money when he can use the same time to sell electrical materials and make a lot of income.

“My elder brother is the president of Ghana Trade Union and Ghana Electrical Association so it was only right for me to follow his steps since he has more knowledge about the business. There are a lot of advantages I can benefit from my elder brother so it was only important I follow him and that is why I’ve put the music aside because it cannot feed me. The fly cannot give me money” he said.

When asked about his next business line, the ‘Araba Lawson’ hitmaker revealed that he is planning on starting real estate business. C-Zar is not the only musician who has been heard saying there is no cash in the Ghanaian music industry.

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