VIDEO: Shatta Wale Did Not Beg To Be Part Of Ghana Music Awards – The Media Twisted The Context Of His Submission – Watch Video Interview Critically For The Facts

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VGMA 2017

Dancehall act Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr. known in showbiz circles as Shatta Wale has taken a swipe at the media once again and it is as a result of how the latter has twisted his submission in a recent TV interview he granted.

Shatta Wale appeared on GhOne TV’s The Pundit, Tuesday 23rd May, 2017, to talk (publicity) about GhanaMeetsNaija – among other music related subjects which extended to BET Awards, breakup with former manager, Bull Dog, run-in with Charterhouse, awards and VGMA scheme.

Picking the news worthy angles from his submissions, several media outfits reported on two main dimensions: run-in with Charterhouse and awards/VGMA scheme – flying headlines like:


“I Am Mature Enough” Shatta Wale begs to be reinstated into VGMAs: – – SOURCE,

 “Reinstate me into VGMA- Shatta Wale begs Charter House:” —- SOURCE,

Shatta Wale secretly Begging VGMA For Nomination?: – – SOURCE,

Shatta Wale begs to be reinstated into VGMAs: – – SOURCE,

Shatta Wale Begs To Be Part of VGMA: – – – SOURCE,


Shatta, who is obviously not too happy at the twisted headlines and stories, took to his official Facebook wall and issued a writ of disappointment at the media’s conduct which is possibly subjecting him to public odium. See below, his post:

Although the award winning dancehall artiste did not state which portions of his media interview were twisted, it is somewhat clear he might be referring to two dimensions to his submission he made on GhOne TV’s The Pundit, Tuesday 23rd May, 2017. took upon ourselves to obtain the actual TV interview for our perusal and after studying it, its abundantly clear most of the reports on the said interview, have not been fair to Shatta Wale:

Reconciliation/Apology With VGMA

PREMISE: At a point, Shatta was talking about how he works hard to make money so he can buy a car or anything of his choice and added:

“…..I know my problem I have with Charterhouse…” only for the host of the show, George Quaye, to butt in, disclosing that:

“……I know behind the scenes we’re working to resolve the problem with Charterhouse…..”

Making Shatta come in to say: “I’m ready any time if called upon to resolve issues with Charter House to make Ghana happy.”

NB: So Shatta Wale did not FIRST reveal, imply, or initiate any reconciliation move; pleaded or begged Charterhouse/VGMA over their fracas. He answered based on how the host followed up on his submission.

Shatta Begs To Be Part Of VGMA

PREMISE: The host FIRST asked Shatta which called for his answer:

“Would you want to part of VGMA again?” and Shatta answered:

“I have to be there. VGMA is like National Anthem. It is God bless our homeland Ghana erhh. I have apologised so many times and don’t know how people want this thing to be done but you know me I wish we take this case from court because it is entertainment,” he said.

When asked if he was ready to go through the processes to get the issue with Charterhouse resolved, he answered in the affirmative.

“I am ready to do that anytime soon my brother. My fans are always worried. ‘Oh Shatta this year you have to go to VGMA,” he quipped.

NB: So again, Shatta did not plead or beg to be reinstated into the VGMA. He gave an answer based on a follow-up question on VGMA by the host.

The Media Gaffe

Almost all the media outlets who made the reports, either did not give the proper PREMISES on which Shatta made his submissions or gave a misleading-picture headline – thereby, giving a wrong impression and subjecting him to ridicule.

Now Watch The Video For The Facts

The video is actually 51 minutes but the reports actually took the story from the 42nd minutes onwards – so we advise you fast forward and analyze from the 42nd minutes of the video.

Editor’s Note:

We wish to state that this clarification is not meant to fuel the seeming tension between Shatta Wale and Charterhouse/VGMA or prove that is the most perfect blog among the lot. We are not perfect – but it’s our wish to reach an approximate one.

We are only trying to play the role of checking ourselves in the ink fraternity to maintain our integrity and credibility. We hope it is understood and appreciated as such. Thank You.