VIDEO: Situation Calls For Help As Fire Burns Entire Building Of Lady Gee Cosmetic – Founder Genny Donkor Shares How It Happened

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CEO of Lady Gee Cosmetic, Genevieve Donkor popularly known as Genny Donkor, who transformed her scummy circumstances into a successful cosmetology entrepreneur, has been met with a sad fate – as all her investment caught fire few days ago.

Narrating how it all happened, traumatized Ms. Genevieve said:

“So I was asleep when it started and my two little nieces had come to visit for holidays. We had to go through the smoke to get them out of the house since they were asleep. Fire Service came almost 2 hours later. I had all my money in there cos I had to pay for my shop rent, everything burnt to the ground. I had on only towel the whole time”

In a video of the scene, distraught Genny can be heard loud and clear, sobbing as she talks to eye witnesses around.

Genevieve, a very shy and private person who never thought any situation could make her reach out to the general public for help, now has no option but to call on all benevolent individuals and institutions home and abroad, to come to her aid, financially.

You may kindly call her personal line: +233 50 903 4662.

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