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VIDEO: Suspect Narrates Incidents That Led To The Murder Of Captain Mahama – WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEW

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A young man suspected to have a hand in the murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama has given an account of what led to the ghastly lynching and burning of the army commander.

Captain Mahama, the only son of his mother, was said to have been on his daily jogging routine on Monday when he was lynched by some residents of Diaso in the Central Region.

The nephew of former President John Mahama who according to reports had been deployed there as part of some anti-illegal mining operation was allegedly stoned and burnt by the youth of the area who mistook him for an armed robber.

As it has been reported, two women saw a pistol on him, and because of an armed robbery incident that had happened recently in the area, raised alarm and called the assemblyman for the area who organized the youth of the town to lynch him.

Speaking to journalists, one of the suspects who is in police custody said Captain Mahama exchanged bullets with residents, a reason they killed and burnt him when they got hold of him.

“I chanced on him exchanging gunshots with residents of the area. I even had to leave my motorbike for protection before coming to pick it up later. He then stopped me and asked that I take him off the scene. He told me he is a military personnel.

He wanted to be taken to the police station. The town folks had not arrived yet. Right after getting on board, he alighted. I also left my motorbike and followed him while they exchanged bullets. When he got to where the speed bump was, he stopped a truck which was heading towards and got on board but alighted when the residents shot the truck.

“Then a tractor approached him and the driver thought he was an armed robber because of the gun he had on him. As the tractor passed, he dived and fell into a ditch,” he narrated.