VIDEO: Veteran Actress Maame Dokono Reveals How ‘Bosschick’ Lifestyle Collapsed Her Marriage – Ladies, Watch And Learn

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Veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono, has disclosed how living a ‘bosschick’ lifestyle, contributed to the collapse of her first marriage.

Maame Dokono, in an interview with Delay, maintained that she divorced her first husband due to family pressure, a reason on one end, and another reason has to do with her famous or celebrity status and lifestyle – making her not submit fully to her husband, caused the breakup of her first marriage.

According to Maame Dokono, a relative of her –ex-husband once remarked proverbially to her on her unsubmissiveness, said, “Even Queen Elizabeth koraaa, if her man talk to her, she listens. Which means I’ve made myself like… (‘A Diva’ – suggested by host).. Yes. And that time, that was my life….”

She also sincerely stated that if she had had in-depth knowledge on marriage as she later leant and became known as a popular marriage counsellor, she would not have left her man.

After the first marriage, she entered a second marriage which also fell on rocks – though not legally divorced, she has separated from the man for many years. The experience in that marriage according to her, was god-awful. Due to that, she says she has become fed up with men.

“I have served a lot of men in my life for several but when you are not appreciated, you don’t feel like doing it again. If I cook for you and wash your underwear and later you cheat on me why should I bother about marriage?” she lamented.

She also added that she has lost the sexual urge after going through emotional torture especially from her second marriage. “I have not had sex in the past six years. You have sex when you are in love with the person but I don’t love anyone” she added.