WATCH OUT: Promising Artiste Abochi Releases ‘I Wanna Know’ On DJ Andy Dosty’s ‘Airtel Chart Show’ On Adom FM Coming Saturday

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Hiplife veteran, Okyeame Kwame, once welcomed an unusual visitor to his office at Awudome, Accra, one sunny afternoon.


A first-timer to the office, this visitor, a young man in his twenties, had come all the way from Sowutuom to meet the Rap-Dacta over a matter that possibly meant the world to him.

“Please, Sir,” the rather unassuming young man started, “I am an underground musician and I want you to help me [to] come out to the limelight.” Minutes after a rather hearty conversation, the young man handed the Rap-Dacta his demo to listen.

“I listened to the song and, to be frank with you, I told him that he wasn’t a music talent. It hurt me telling him the truth in such a straightforward manner, but I just couldn’t help it. The music was just not there, and I didn’t feel any music in him,” Okyeame Kwame narrated.

Interestingly, on that same demo, Okyeame Kwame heard another voice whom he thought was rather a talent he could help.

“So, I asked about who the other voice on the demo was, and he said that that guy was his friend. Right there, I told him to give my number to him and the rest is a fascinating story Ghanaians are yet to see,” Okyeame added. This was in 2016.

Meeting the new young man, then only twenty-two years, Okyeame Kwame knew he had not mistaken in his earlier assessment of “that voice.”

“He called me on phone and I asked him to come over. When he came, I realised that indeed, he was a talent; a talent I was looking for. He could sing, he could produce, he could record, mix and master, and he had the knowledge and audacity to defend his creativity.

“But beyond the skill, I was looking for humility and that was one thing I found in him,” Okyeame narrated, explaining that to him, “the combination of skill and humility are the right ingredients for sustained greatness. More so, such people are teachable.”

Abochi, real name Bismark Enyan, is the young man Okyeame Kwame has discovered, and believes is set to take over the industry this year.

“Yes, I know the young ones coming out nowadays are good. The likes of Mzvee, Ebony, Kidi, Kuame Eugene, King Promise are all doing well but I think Abochi is the new name to watch out for.

“I am saying this not because he is my protégé or artiste, but because I know what he can do and the songs he recorded in the last two years I have known him,” Okyeame Kwame added, as he announced the date for the release of Abochi’s maiden release.

“This Saturday (February 10), on Andy Dosty’s ‘Airtel Chart Show’ on Adom FM, we are releasing Abochi’s first single titled ‘I wanna Know.’ This is just one of the many songs he has on his upcoming album, and I can tell you that ‘I wanna know’ song is the next hit song to watch out for,” Okyeame added.

When contacted for a comment, Abochi explained that his name, which means ‘my friend,’ is something that drives his music. “I think the world is about people, so my music style is all about friendliness.”

Asked about his expectations ahead of the release of his maiden single, Abochi said: “I know you will love the song, so just wait for it, listen and come back to tell me what you think.”