Whilst Secular Artists Travel Around For Good Location, We Still Stand In Front Of Fountains – SP Kofi Sarpong Fires Up

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SP Kofi Sarpong

Award winning gospel artiste, SP Kofi Sarpong has entreated his colleagues in the gospel music industry not to take their craft as a “cheap commodity” but work hard to make it attractive.

SP Kofi Sarpong

According to him, the penchant for people to treat the work of God shabbily has transcended into the gospel music industry and it is crippling its fortunes to the advantage of other genres.

Speaking with the Graphic Showbiz on Monday, the Police officer who has blessed Ghanaians with songs such as Ayeyi Ndwom and Aseda said it’s disheartening that whiles secular artistes are inventing new ways of making their music attractive, the once attractive gospel music industry is still “crawling on its knees”.

SP Kofi Sarpong

“I’ve heard a lot of complaints about how corporate institutions don’t provide sponsorship for gospel events. Yes, sometimes it’s disheartening but I think it’s about how we package our craft to get the needed attention and sponsorship from corporate bodies. When you treat it as cheap, you will get poor results,” he stated.

Basing his argument on the unprofessional works of some gospel artistes, SP Sarpong argued that gospel music must not be seen as a cheap commodity since it has the largest audience appeal.

“We have an advantage because secular music lovers listen to gospel music as well while there are believers who wouldn’t want anything to do with secular music. That is our advantage but we aren’t making good use of it,” he stated.

SP Kofi Sarpong

The 2016 VGMA Gospel Artiste of the Year said he had always admired the investments some secular artistes make to build their brand. For him, the evidences of the investments reflect in their video productions.

“Some secular artistes even go out of the country to shoot videos if that is what will get them the quality they want but same cannot be said of some of my brothers and sisters in the gospel fraternity.

“While others are travelling around for good locations to shoot videos, we are still standing in front of churches and fountains to shoot videos.

“For us, anything goes and at a time when competition has become keen, which company would want to associate with a brand that can’t sell itself well”, the African Borborbor singer added.

He, was, however, quick to commend the efforts of the few who make strides to make gospel music attractive.

SP Kofi Sarpong

He told Showbiz he’s ready to host the “SP Kofi Sarpong Live in Concert” at the National Theatre on Sunday, May 28. “This concert is my appreciation to Ghana for the support. It’s been seven years of amazing support which has won me many awards and I just want to show my appreciation,” he stated.