You Can’t Sacrifice Justice For Expedition:Displeased Tsikata fires Supreme Court

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Counsel for the Petitioner in the ongoing 2020 presidential Election petition, Mr.Tsatsu Tsikata today expressed grave displeasure in the management of the case telling the court that in as much as it may want to stick to the timelines specified in CI 99 for the adjudication of the matter, it can’t be done at the expense of Justice.

Mr.Tsikata who has been having running battles with the bench since the inception of the case was again reacting to orders by the court for parties to file their witness statements by 12 noon Thursday, January 21, a notice the renowned lawyer deemed very short and practically impossible.

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According to him, the Supreme Courts insistence of such a short timeline is not justified in Law.

The Bench on the other hand explained the modification of the law which culminated in CI 99 requires the court to operate within strict timelines, a requirement the court cannot compromise.

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The bench was also of the view that the lawyers should have known that they will be required to file witness statements and those should have been prepared ahead of time.

Dissatisfied Tsikata told the court in plain words that ,adherence to those timelines should not injure justice.

The case has been adjourned to Tuesday , January 26