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You Will Go to Hell if You Answer the Phone Saying by ‘Hello’

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Papa Shee, Ghanaian secular musician turned evangelist has caused a stir in his most recent comment. According to the Man of God, the devil works in cunning ways, constantly devising means to cause people to fall in his trap. And, saying ‘Hello’ is one of those devices which might just send someone who says it to hell.

Saying ‘Hallelujah’ or ‘Amen’ is a better way to answer calls. Due his enlightenment on the interpretation of the word ‘hello’ to be ‘hell oo,’ Papa Shee claims to answer calls using the aforementioned words ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Amen.’

“The Enemy is very crafty. You can say ‘praise the Lord, or Amen or Good morning, Good afternoon when you receive a call. Words are very powerful,” Evangelist Papa Shee said in an interview.